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September 24, 2009
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APH - Fly Me to the Moon by FrauV8 APH - Fly Me to the Moon by FrauV8
America: "Wow! You actually made my rocket! That's so cool! Now build it for me!" :D

Germany: "You're so unreasonable..."

I'm debating whether if I want the Final Version's background invisible...
But until then, the PNG file will be posted in my Scraps ( [link] ). :)

Yes... this pic was a pain in the butt, and I'm still not satisfied with everything after spending so many hours Working on this.

The perspective of this pic was killing me!
I tried to fix all sorts of things, but apparently the more I tried to fix them, the worse they got. :X

As for the colors, I kept changing the hues until I found a combination that would be easy to the eyes instead of burning them with intense colors.

And that American flag - I had to fix it because the "Posterization" filter created broken black lines, so it was a pain patching them up with the Line Shape tool; the same goes for the German flag, but it only has 3 stripes versus America's lucky 13, so it was ten times easier and faster to fix.

Now about this pic...
With the G20 meetings currently going on talking about nuclear weapons and crap, the Cold War came quickly to my mind.

Basically the Cold War went like this:

America and Russia both defeated Nazi Germany, and both countries has no more enemies to fight with; both super countries want Germany's technology as the spoils, and ends up becoming enemies as they divide Germany into two with a wall - America (and England and France) gets Doitsu while Russia gets Prussia.
Then the Space Race begins (as well as the "my weapons are bigger than yours" phase), and it was a battle of which brother (Germany or Prussia) can build the best space craft and reach the moon.
In a space movie I watched (can't remember which one because I've watched so many - maybe The Right Stuff ), there was one scene a German engineer working for America's space program said that America's Germans will beat Russia's Germans, so that's how I got the idea for this pic...

Except we all know how America is in APH - "Look at what I did - isn't it awesome? I'm the Hero!" XD

And there's other things I want to mention in regard to this pic...

There's like little to no interaction between these two countries in APH - what's up with that?
America is always popping burgers in his mouth, and everyone knows they originally came from Germany.
During colonial times when an official language was being decided, German was almost picked because most immigrants at the time were coming from Germany - but by two votes, English won.
Or the invention of submarines - America had them first, but Germany really took off with the idea and created U-boats.
And the ideas of hot dogs, freeways, atomic bombs...
Weird - so much exchange of culture and ideas left unmentioned. XD

And the flags in the background...
In episode 35, America's flag dominated the other G8 members', so that's how I got that idea - and the fact that it's a blank space and I hate leaving blank spaces (originally I thought of making a poster of an evil-looking Russia trying to take over the world, but flags are fine XD ).

Okay... that's enough babbling from me. XD

Feel free to leave a Comment - let me know what you think. :)

(And please stop with the "Nazi" comments in regard to my avatar - it's a flag Germany would of used in WW2; it was even hinted in the APH web comic)


*Inked Rough: [link]

*WIP: [link]
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PsychopathGod1984 Featured By Owner 5 days ago
We build you rocket.. You go into space.. Then we no get thanked!
Ww2fighter Featured By Owner Jun 26, 2013
America u can't make own shit can u after all it was the nazis who made NASA for u because your to fucking fat and lazy to do it your slef
HazelLevesque24 Featured By Owner Nov 11, 2012
Oh yay! I love Space Racey stuff! It makes my heart go yay!
Lycious Featured By Owner Aug 18, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
Nice :D
xtremeit Featured By Owner Jun 18, 2011
it is really a good picture and it's good that you get the story with. bye the way are you aware that the first boss of NASA was a Former German scientist. and not only that it was he who invented the V2 rocket. that killed nearly 3000 people. and that was only the casualties for London.
FrauV8 Featured By Owner Jun 18, 2011  Student Digital Artist
Ah, thanks. :D

Yeah, I had heard about that - it's actually one of many factors why I wanted this pic to show that it was the Germans who sent America to Space.
And the ex-Nazi scientists preferred the Americans over the Russians because they would get better treatment and less punishment if they helped them develop new technology. :XD:

I also thought about making a Prussia/Russia version of this pic since the Russians also took German scientists and patents to get them Space, but my art style has evolved a bit since I drew this so it'd look weird... well see. :XD:
Aellostriker2 Featured By Owner Apr 30, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
*done reading comment*

I`m speechless...
Kazanblaze Featured By Owner Jan 4, 2011
ChronicKaos Featured By Owner Jun 19, 2010   Digital Artist
Prussia and England? wonder America turned out "special".
ChronicKaos Featured By Owner Jun 8, 2010   Digital Artist
I kinda picture Germany as Americas other parent. Though the world wars scarred him from being too open about it. Which is all too bad really.
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